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About Outlier

OUTLIER (from the co-founder of MasterClass) has developed the world's best online, university-level courses, taught by some of the most celebrated educators in the world.

Our courses employ engaging content and cutting-edge educational technology to create an immersive, student-friendly learning experience. Outlier is reimagining higher education as a resource that is accessible, equitable, and affordable for everyone.


Beta Courses Start Sept 9

  • Transferable credits from a top university
  • Engaging videos from experts in their field
  • Learning at your own pace and schedule
  • Online interactive textbook
  • Tutoring and study groups available



Learn from experts in their field


Frequently Asked


+ Is the course completely online?

Yes, you can be anywhere in the universe (with wifi) and you'll be able to complete the course.

+ How much does an Outlier course cost?

$400 per course, for now. Our goal is to reduce the cost of college and reduce student debt, but there are many factors to consider as we plan for 2020 and beyond. TLDR: if you want the introductory price of $400, enroll asap!

+ *What is your refund policy?

If you've put in the time and effort to do all the work for the course but do not receive a passing grade, that's on us and you will receive a full refund! You may also withdraw from the course in the first 2 weeks and receive a full refund. For more information on refunds please refer to our Terms of Use.

+ When are the courses being offered?

The first classes for Calculus I and Introduction to Psychology begin on September 9, 2019 and each runs for 14 weeks. In the future, courses will be available on a more flexible schedule.

+ Are any parts of this course scheduled or timezone sensitive?

Student study groups and tutoring sessions will be scheduled for set times. However, these will be organized to maximize compatibility with students’ schedules and availability.

+ Tell me more about these college credits. Where do they come from and how do I transfer them to my school?

We are excited to be partnering with the University of Pittsburgh for our fall course. Upon successful completion, you will receive 3 college credits from the University of Pittsburgh that can be transferred to your school of choice. Please check with your school's registrar on the process for getting outside coursework pre-approved or transferred. If you need a copy of the syllabus or any other supporting documents from Outlier you can email and we'd be happy to send them to you. Once you've completed the course, transferring credits will be as easy as selecting "Transfer my credits" from the course website, filling out the form, and the University of Pittsburgh will mail an official transcript to your school of choice. We are currently in discussions with several top universities (including Pitt) as potential partners in 2020 and beyond.

+ How do you prevent cheating?

We have technology built into our courses that allows us to prevent academic dishonesty and detect it if it occurs.

+ Do you accept international students?

Yes, international students are welcome to join our courses as long as you have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent and feel comfortable taking courses in English.

+ Do you accept financial aid?

Not yet. However, we hope to in the future, which will make all of our courses even more accessible.

+ Why is everything so dark?

Early on in the process of designing Outlier, we found that many students use their laptops late at night, and don’t feel like staring into a lightbulb. Too much white in the background of videos and active learning would be fatiguing and unpleasant. We also think it’s pretty neat that we decided to do this before Apple shifted everything to dark mode.

+ What's the catch? How are you able to offer high quality for-credit college courses for a fraction of the cost of most universities?

Unlike delicious, calorie-free ice cream and most things that sound too good to be true, this is for real — $400 for 3 college credits that you can transfer to your school of choice. Our team has been working tirelessly to build a product that will make world-class education more equitable and more accessible, and change the way people define excellent education.


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